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About Us

Industrial Recyclers is a privately owned recycling company committed to working with our customers to help recycle materials into reusable condition through the recycling process. We are dedicated to serving our customers as well as the community and the environment. Industrial Recyclers services local small businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies and recycles millions of pounds of material annually. Our main operations involve taking post-industrial and post-consumer recyclables and finding an end user for the products. We do this by either processing them ourselves to make the end product for a specific use or by selling direct to the end user in an unprocessed form. This results in an environmentally friendly and cost effective way to reuse or recycle materials that would otherwise make its way to a landfill. This also eliminates many of the costs associated with bringing the material to a landfill. Some of our customers already had recycling initiatives in place, but they were not getting as much revenue for their recyclables as they could have. We helped several customers increase their recyclable revenue any where from 50 to 150 percent.

We take all items such as cardboard (baled and loose), paper, plastic (scrap, purge, film, or baled) and wood pallets, as well as many hard to move recyclable items. We also buy and sell wood and plastic shipping pallets, and have the ability to regrind and pelletize many other types of materials. We work with many other recycling companies as well to help find end users for our materials. Being able to take all of the materials that would otherwise be classified as waste has given us the opportunity to be a one stop recyclable waste removal company for many businesses across the Nation. With our “walk through audits”, we can determine what items are recyclable and which ones are not. Typical responses from our customers during and after audits are, “that can be recycled?” and “no one else said they could recycle this”. Many of our customers are surprised by how easy the recycling process can be.

Our niche in the market is that we help recycle valuable products without getting in the way of daily operations. Everyone wants their “waste” to be someone else’s problem and that is where we step in to help. At most locations we drop a trailer allowing our customers to load it with anything and everything that can be recycled. Full trailers are then swapped out for an empty, creating little if any disruption in the workplace. Our experienced workforce then sorts and weighs the material. We also have containers and compactors for companies that cannot afford to lose the dock space. Many of our referrals come because customers are happy with the flexibility of service and wide variety of recycling options.

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